More than a decade of experience in Indianapolis trial courtrooms.

James McGinley was born and raised on the East Side of Indianapolis, graduated from Cathedral High School and after receiving his undergraduate degree, returned to his hometown for law school at Indiana University School of Law–Indianapolis.

James began his legal career in 2001 as a certified legal intern at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office while still attending law school full time.  He ascended up the ranks from intern, to the juvenile division, to the minor felony division and eventually to the position of major felony firearms division deputy prosecutor.

After gaining valuable experience and expertise as a prosecutor, James then began his work as defense attorney both as a Marion County public defender and as a private attorney.  As a public defender James represented hundreds of clients, countless hearings and numerous trials.  He also represented private clients in various courts such as traffic, juvenile, community, drug, misdemeanor, minor and major felony.  James has also had the honor of working not only in Marion county but also in surrounding counties as well.

James resigned from the public defender agency in 2014 to focus his time and efforts on his flourishing private practice business.  If you, or someone you know, is in need of a criminal defense attorney in or around the Indianapolis area, contact an Indianapolis attorney with a wealth of legal experience in Indianapolis.  Contact James McGinley!